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BIM Consultant & Managemant

As a rule of thumb, there is collusion between our structural engineers and others to achieve finest solutions for every structural engineering projects. The critical aspects of sustainability, schedule, budget along with form and functions of every project are carefully analyzed by our team of experts. This, in turn, ensures harmony which promotes sustainable development.

Provided that our experienced professional input all their peerless experience, the projects which we undertake naturally turn into gold at their completion. Through the use of state of the art technological equipment, a proper planning, designing and construction of projects are carried out by us.

Until we become satisfied with our way of completing projects in faster and efficient manner, we will push ourselves for a better outcome.

Our Structural Engineering Services Include:

Steel frame structure, light-gage structure
Reinforced concrete frame structure
Full structural package for permission
Remodeling and change of use
Steel portal frame building
Timber structure
Masonry structure
Aluminum structure
Footing design, pile, and slab
Moving structure
Curtain wall and façade structure
Glazing structure
Cold frame structure
Long span structure, heavy timber structure
Earth working, slope stability, retaining wall
BIM and 3D model of the entire structure
Detailed drawings